Friday, November 10, 2006

Beg Yr Pardon, or, how i posed my way to feeling important

Dear Web Journal,

Once upon the not-so-distant past (like, mid-summer), in a land that's only kind of close to here (Lower East Side-hey, it's kinda hard to get to from mid-Brooklyn), I went to a showcase night at The Delancy called BegYrPardon. One El Jezel was playing (along with some others, who I enjoyed at the time, but have subsequently forgotten in the interim). And the bar was open. And the host baked brownies! And it was only $5!!

El Jezel were great of course. Goes without saying. I'd post an mp3, only I don't know how. And even though I hadn't bothered coordinating with anyone (let's face it, I rarely do. My fear of rejection extends far beyond normalcy) and ended up knowing zero people, I enjoyed it so much I signed up for the mailing list with full intention of going to another of the bi-weekly shows.

Fast forward to, well, now, and I had NOT actually gone to anymore. Until the host/promoter/whatever sent an e-mail to the e-mail list asking if anyone would help on the door for this past Tuesday's show. I volunteered, I'd been half considering going anyway to see Up the Empire. And I;m so very glad I did.

After getting over worrying that I would seem strange for randomly offering (I am strange, but not necessarily because of this), I proceeded to bask in the glory of everyone thinking I had something to do with the evening. Seriously, somebody gave me a free CD, people just up and introduced themselves to me and one guy even gave me his number without my having to ask for it. Okay, that last one didn't really happen. Whatever.

The point is, I'm glad I did it. Up the Empire were good and Screaming Females from NJ were AMAZING. The throaty female vocals and REAL rock guitar unhinged me. Does that make sense? Check them out anyway. Um, on MySpace? And now I may even be helping out with the night (now once a month) on a regular basis. Which is perfect, because, you know, being musically untalented and all, it can be my way of contributing the scene.


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