Monday, May 05, 2008

Faith in Humanity Momentarily Restored, or, how maybe chivalry isn’t dead

Dear Web Journal,

It’s Monday. Needless to say, NOT my favorite day of the week. And this Monday I am particularly tired, between working two 6-day work weeks straight and not spending enough time at home sleeping when not working. But yesterday, while what else but? working, I found a cell phone someone had left at our event and did the simple thing-I called the most recent number received.

I was lucky enough to actually get a hold of the cell phone owner, who called me “sweetheart” on the phone a few times too many. Needless to say, NOT my favorite term of endearment. But he was gracious and overjoyed that I had bothered to call and we arranged for him to pick it up from me at work the next day, meaning I would go in at the normal time instead of later like everyone else. I am dumb like this. Really dumb.

But, as of five minutes ago, it was all made worthwhile by a gesture as equally simple as my calling the last number received. He brought me a dozen pink roses.

Despite being dumbstruck by the gesture of flowers (and maybe a little dumbstruck by his appearance – stylish gray suit, handsome face), I kept it together enough so that it didn’t show. I hope. In any case, I’m delighted by the unexpected. People actually do these kinds of things still? I think this could be a great start to another long week.


Love, Rachael

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William said...

That's it? The end? I know you got his number! He didn't ask for yours?