Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Drop of the Pure, or, how i love the weekend

Dear Web Journal,

I spent tonight in the coffee shop at Cake Shop writing and drinking whiskey (as the profession requires, naturally). I ran into George and Jessica, there to see a friend's band. I love when that happens.

The rest of the weekend's to-do list includes:

order 8 pinatas online
pick up tickets to a show
find black Chinese-style slippers, 2 pair
purchase/make a fishing net
hear the singing of sea chanties (in no connection to the previous)
engineer a believable homeland security terrorist warning gauge
continue writing

I love the weekend.

Love, Rachael


kfungg said...
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kfungg said...

r u writing a book? perhaps a the-devil- wears-prada-esque novel/memoir?


William said...

I want more entries! More!

Anonymous said...

when will there by more posts?! beefbud

Anonymous said...

Need more entries. Sincerely, beefbud