Thursday, July 03, 2008

Ladytron and a crappy opening band, or, how I made a mistake and must publicly apologize

Dear Web Journal,

Last Wednesday (um, yeah, like a whole week ago. And what?) I went to my first show at Terminal 5. Had sort of been avoiding it based on other people's criticism of sound and site lines, but it is only 5 blocks up from where I work. Not that that means anything, except the next time your friend is like, "No, I don't want to go see Lita Ford at Terminal 5, that's all the way out in Fuck-Knows-Where Land", just remember, that's also where I drag myself up and out of bed to travel to five days a week. And also remember that hell ya I'd see Lita Ford at Terminal 5. I'd see Lita Ford anywhere. "I went to a party last Saturday night / I didn't get laid, I got in a fight. Uh huh, it ain't no big thing". Digression!

Soooooooooooooo, Ladytron were playing and my dear friend Henry picked up a ticket for me a little while ago. I noticed day-of that Datarock were opening for them. Now, I didn't know anything about them except they wear matching red track suits and are from Norwedenavia (get it? Somewhere in the Scandinavian Peninsula? Glad I spelled it out for you?). Also, I thought it was just two guys and some blip-bleep-bloop music. So I asked my friends to go early to see them and OH MY GOD FRIENDS I AM SO SORRY I DID THAT.

Here's why:

clapclapclap you have the clap

First of all, dudes, it is sooooo obvious your instruments are made of cardboard. Also, your songs suck. And the bass player clearly thought he was in a different Norwegian band. And check out the bling 'round this ones neck. I bet Jacob the Jeweler had a hand in that one. I bet my overly-sensitive and slightly chubby 7th grade self could totally play a better "Mack the Knife" back in the day:


Here are some people not enjoying Datarock:

not impressed

Weird thing was, I think we were the ONLY people not enjoying Datarock. Everyone else was caaa-raaaazy for them by the end of the set. And clearly, with all their braggadocios "you love us New York!" fist pumping, Datarock knew it. And are used to it. Whaaat? According to Sosa, they are big in the Netherlands. Also, Australia. Norwegian sense of humor is corny. Lesson learned.

Unbelievably not corny, however, was Ladytron. Every member of Ladytron embodies that super-cool persona that I quietly covet. If you were there, you'd see why, because pretty much I'm this (minus the monkey):


Wanting to be this:


I'm just going to post some more pictures, which do little to give you the full effect of the awesome light show (I'm a sucka for light shows. Man, I love the planetarium). The lead singer is very minimalist as a performer, mostly holding the mic as she is here in her 1920s meets-Goth-outfit. The Bulgarian one seems a little less confident when she sings or moves, but in an endearing/creepy way. Yep, that duality exists.




smaller clear singer


Love, Rachael


Dingo Mike said...

The Dutch have terrible taste in most everything (outside of 17th century art, of course). I don't know what the Dingos' problem is.

William said...

I have to say, the light show WAS pretty awesome.